Is Overwatch Cross Platform? What are Overwatch Alternatives?

Is Overwatch Cross Platform? What are Overwatch Alternatives?

Is Overwatch Cross Platform? It’s no secret that Overwatch appeals to a broad range of gamers across the globe. You’ve got the chance gamers to the pro players, and the cartoon style of the title makes it a hit with younger and older players alike.

With a whole host of circumstances implying that Overwatch 2 is still a while away, with job listings for significant roles being the latest hint that the game isn’t coming anytime soon, gamers will have to content themselves with the inaugural title for now.

There’s one problem with Blizzard’s flagship FPS, though, and that’s the cross platform play issue.

is overwatch cross platform 2021
is overwatch cross platform 2021

What is Overwatch cross platform play? 

It’s important to learn that Overwatch isn’t just for PC gamers. The title has been released on Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, implying that there’s a whole host of users playing on various consoles and platforms.

Games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends have a feature recognize as ‘cross platform play,’ which allows players to play with their friends no matter what platform they’re using.

So, if your mate has a PS5, but you’re more of a PC player, you can still cause some chaos together despite the different hardware; don’t ask them about keybinds.

when will overwatch be cross platform
when will overwatch be cross platform

Will Overwatch support cross-platform play?

The more interesting query isn’t if Overwatch supports cross-platform play, but rather when it will support cross-platform play. In a recent interview, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan told that the team is very interested in crossplay, specifically Overwatch 2. Kaplan also noted that Overwatch players would play with Overwatch 2 players in core competitive modes.

This idea that cross-platform is exciting, but the team is still looking into it has been echoed in countless other interviews. It looks like a canned answer, and to a certain degree, it is. However, there’s a big reason why Overwatch hasn’t implemented cross-platform assistance yet.

We have a complete reference for how cross-platform support would operate in the form of 2019’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone. Below the Modern Warfare umbrella, both games help crossplay and cross-progression by an Activision ID. The short of it is that everything is attached to your Activision account, so when you switch platforms, you can carry your progress over by logging in to your account.

You may see the problem already. As mentioned, your Overwatch progress isn’t tied to an external account. It’s tied to whatever online service the stage you’re playing on supports. Moving everything over to an external account, such as the idea Modern Warfare handles things, could mean that you’ll lose your progress in the game. For a game that’s five years old and much competitive, starting over from level one doesn’t bode well.

It’s unlikely we’ll see cross-platform support for Overwatch. However, we may see it with Overwatch 2. Given that players from the primary game and the sequel will play together in some game modes, Blizzard is implementing some external progression tracking system.

overwatch 2 cross platform
overwatch 2 cross platform

Will Overwatch 2 be Cross Platform?

While there’s nothing set in stone yet, it’s apparent that Blizzard is searching for crossplay in the future, especially for Overwatch 2.

With Vice President Jeff Kaplan noting that [Crossplay] is something we’re excited about, and exploring, it’s safe to say that we may be seeing the feature implemented in the future.

So will the voices of the Overwatch community certainly be heard? Will crossplay separate the sequel from its counterpart? We’ll have to wait and see.

is overwatch cross platform xbox and pc
is overwatch cross platform xbox and pc

Overwatch Alternatives for Cross-Platform

In this section, we will consider a look at a few alternative games for Overwatch. These offer cross-platform support to the users. You can try it out today and achieve unforgettable experiences. Here are the options.


Paladins is free to play a game that is much related to Overwatch. They run on the corresponding principle of avatars and characters. Users can try out the various names and get into combat.

It is fun yet competing at the same time. The game is available across all platforms. Anyone on the internet can work it out today. PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One users give countless hours in this free-to-play multiplayer shooter.

Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone is the newest Multiplayer game available on the internet. It is suitable for PC and console gamers. Many users are trying it out for a wonderful experience. We recommend you check it out today.

Through the years, there have been multiple situations where you can play in various battles. Call of Duty Warzone is also free to play but performs the use of the battle royale format. It is exciting, and many people enjoy it. 


Fortnite is also another fantastic Free to play the game for users. You can enjoy excellent content at affordable prices. We want great gameplay through this service. Over the years, it has become one of the most interesting prospects for us. The battle royale game allows you to compete with over 100+ gamers easily.

The unique component of this game is its design and building mechanisms. It is distinct from Overwatch but comes with cross-platform support. These are some of the extensions that you can try out. Multiplayer can be fun and interesting through these games. We hope you have a fun time with your buddies through these options. All of them are available on different devices.

is overwatch cross platform switch
is overwatch cross platform switch

Why Isn’t Overwatch Cross-Platform?

Overwatch has been against crossplay assistance since day one. An Individual gaming ecosystem is an ultimate priority. It is a cohesive gamer experience with restrictions. Moreover, each cross-platforming ecosystems interlink to one Activision ID, which implies cross-progression is possible too.

In simple words, everything ties to one Activision account, so when platforms can switch, growth is easily transferable by logging in to the one singular Activision account. So essentially, it’s free of platform orientation. Gamers can pick up from where they left off.

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