Laptop Cool – How to Cool Down Your laptop

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There is an ebb and flow when it comes to technology growth-smaller devices become more popular, then bigger ones, then back again-but in the last few years, more and more people have opted for compact size and mobility over raw power when it comes to consumer computers.

The popularity of laptops has long surpassed that of desktops, especially among young professionals and students. More and more PC gamers are choosing the mobility of gaming laptops over more powerful, but stationary desktops. Even though the price points can be vastly different, PC gaming is moving towards less-demanding esports titles, such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Overwatch, and Rocket League (to name a few), so even budget-friendly gaming laptops are able to run these titles.

How to Cool Down Your laptop

Anybody who has ever played a few hours of gaming on a laptop knows that laptops tend to run too hot. I know how frustrating it is, and it can take its toll on your laptop hardware as well.

However, you can keep your laptop cool with some useful workarounds and tricks, since cooling off a laptop is not nearly as simple as keeping a desktop computer, Laptop Cool We’ll discuss five different methods you can use to cool down your laptop and prevent it from getting too hot to begin with.

  1. Try To Use Your Laptop on A Desk or Table

Whenever possible. Even if you enjoy lying on your side in bed, keeping your laptop atop your pile of covers or between your legs on your mattress is not the best idea. It is best to place your laptop on a hard, flat surface and not on a softer tone.

It is not a good idea to place your laptop on floors either-mostly due to dust particles floating around where you put your feet. It’s ideal to use your laptop on a computer desk or table, especially one that’s located in a nice, cool room. It’s nice to be able to take your laptop anywhere, but if you’re gaming or performing CPU-intensive tasks, you’ll need all the help you can get.

  1. Maintain a Clean Laptop

It should be obvious, but if your laptop is covered in dust and other unmentionable debris, the exhaust fans will have a difficult time doing their job. No matter where you live, every square inch of the earth is covered with some form of dust. Your whole home is filled with dust if you are not a diligent cleaner, especially if you have pets. The dust is getting into your laptop through its vents and clogging the whole thing up.

It is easiest to use compressed air to do this task. Turn off your computer and take it outside, then spray short bursts of air into the vents. To access the dirtiest areas of your laptop, you can remove the panels, but be aware that this will void your warranty, and you may damage laptop components if you are too aggressive with your compressed air.

You can always use a dry cotton swab to clean out the last remnants of dust from those hard to reach places after cleaning out as much dust as you possibly can from your laptop.

  1. Cool Your Laptop with A Cooler

It’s not uncommon for laptops to overheat due to their compact design. Laptops are limited in the amount of cooling they can have due to their compact design. Thus, you’ll be able to run your laptop cooler if you add more cooling to it.

Laptop cooling pads are easy to find on the market, and they work well: a laptop cooler is essentially a fan built into a small laptop stand. If you’re using a laptop on a surface other than a pad, you place the laptop on top of the pad and turn it on. Air is directed to the bottom side of your laptop by the pad’s fan, therefore cooling it down.

A cooling pad is usually fairly inexpensive, and it usually keeps your laptop cool during those hours of gaming. This isn’t surprising, since you’re adding an Build Premium PC extra fan to the outside of your laptop to promote airflow.

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