Kindle Oasis vs Kindle Paperwhite: Best Kindle 2021

Kindle Oasis vs Kindle Paperwhite: Best Kindle 2021

You won’t feel weighed down by your luggage with piles of books when you’re heading out on holiday. Now, though, there is also a lot to be said to access nearly unlimited amounts of books without having to go into a store to purchase more. Several popular ebook readers, including the Kindle electronic book reader, offer the convenience of reading on an electronic device without the drawbacks of using a tablet or smartphone.

It is not only power-efficient, but it is also well-connected, so you can easily download new books. You can also seamlessly integrate your Amazon account with it, making it exceptionally user-friendly. The best prices are usually found on days such as Prime Day and Black Friday, but there are regular discounts all year long.

The actual decision is which model you should purchase. Amazon offers four Kindle models: the Kindle with front light, Paperwhite, the Kindle Kids Edition, and the Kindle Oasis.

Kindle Oasis Vs Paperwhite 2021
Kindle Oasis Vs Paperwhite 2021

Why a Kindle?  

Amazon wasn’t the first brand to release an E-Ink e-reader. In 2004, Sony published the Librie, but when the Kindle was released in 2007, it sold out in just 5 hours.

The initial success was likely due to a large amount of content on Amazon. Kindle remains the best-selling ebook-reader to this day, and it’s probably because it still maintains a book feel – the displays are crisp and glare-free, which is a relief for the eyes.

There is also the number of books: users can add thousands of books even with 4GB of memory. Additionally, there’s the Amazon Kindle Unlimited service, which enables access to the vast Amazon library. Amazon Family Library lets multiple accounts sync across devices to share books.

Furthermore, Amazon’s Kindle includes multilingual dictionaries that are extremely useful for those learning different languages.

Both Kindles mentioned in this article use LEDs to illuminate the screen. The Oasis also has more LEDs than Paperwhite, so it has a more excellent range of lighting levels and a better uniformity of light around the screen. Both readers feature automatic brightness.

A Kindle E-Ink display is more straightforward, more enjoyable, and better for your eyes than an LCD such as a tablet or smartphone. Moreover, with battery life measured in weeks instead of hours, you can read for much longer.

Plus, a Kindle lets you carry thousands of books in one compact device. You can also take it for a bath, which is more than you can say for a paper book.

Kindle Paperwhite Vs Oasis
Kindle Paperwhite Vs Oasis

Kindle Oasis: Best reasons to buy

  • Larger screen: One of the most significant differences between the two devices is the screen size. A 7-inch screen provides slightly more than 30 percent more screen real estate, which is a considerable amount. Both e-readers have 300 pixel-per-inch displays that are sharp and provide similar contrast.
  • Slimmer design: At its thinnest point, the Oasis measures 3.4 mm in thickness and weighs 194 grams (6.8 ounces). Despite its thickness and lower weight, the Paperwhite weighs only 12 grams less than the Oasis.
  • Sturdier build: The Paperwhite’s chassis is plastic, while Oasis is aluminum. The Oasis purely feels like a more premium device.
  • Integrated lighting system: The Oasis uses a 12-LED array, while the Paperwhite uses a 5-LED array. The Oasis’ lighting scheme is brighter and more uniform.
  • Page-turning with the physical page turn buttons: You can either hold the Oasis in your left or right hand or tap the screen to turn pages with the physical page turn buttons. In a nod to older Kindle devices, the Paperwhite lacks physical page-turn buttons.
Kindle Paperwhite Vs Voyage Vs Oasis
Kindle Paperwhite Vs Voyage Vs Oasis

Kindle Paperwhite: Best reasons to buy

  • Lower price: The Paperwhite costs half as much as the Oasis, and it is sometimes discounted to $100 during flash sales.
  • Lighter weight: Despite being a short thicker, the Paperwhite weighs a touch lighter than the Oasis.
  • In addition to being waterproof (IPX8), both e-readers have the same flush-front design as the now-discontinued Kindle Voyage.
  • The Paperwhite has the same Bluetooth audiobook features as the Oasis: You can use Bluetooth headphones or speakers with the Oasis to listen to Audible audiobooks. The Paperwhite now has the same feature. It’s easy to switch between e-books and audiobooks, as they synchronize to the point where you left off, but you shouldn’t expect to use the Kindle as a music or podcast player. They’re only for audiobooks.
  • Matching storage options as the Oasis: Each e-reader has 8GB of storage as its base model. According to Amazon, that’s enough space for “thousands” of e-books, but the extra space is primarily for audiobooks, which have larger file sizes. Check out the step-up models that offer 32GB of storage if you’re an Audible fanatic.


You really can’t go wrong choosing either the Amazon Kindle Oasis or the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the two finest e-readers money can buy. Both offer a great reading experience and access to the most robust e-publishing ecosystem in the industry.

The aluminum body, physical buttons, and 7-inch screen of the Oasis provide the most luxurious canvas for reading. Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is arguably a great value, delivering several of the same features for a short over half the price.

Comparing Kindle Oasis vs Kindle Paperwhite is difficult because they are both great e-readers with features you haven’t seen on these Kindles yet. In the contest between the Kindle Oasis and Paperwhite, the Kindle Paperwhite is the clear winner. This is due to the significant improvements made to this e-reader in comparison to other Kindle models.

Overall, the Kindle Paperwhite is the best Kindle in terms of performance and value. It has an excellent touchscreen and backlight and is a perfect upgrade for those who have old Kindle models. Due to its waterproofing and audible compatibility, it’s nearly as good as the luxurious Oasis.

Finally, any Kindle user who uses their Kindle every day should choose the Kindle Oasis. Even though it is expensive, it is an absolute pleasure to use and is the Kindle to buy if you want the best of the best.

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