How to Use MSI Afterburner to Boost Performance

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Are you exploring to know how to use MSI Afterburner? MSI Afterburner is a graphics efficiency developed by the GPU manufacturer, MSI. It assists with overclocking, monitoring in-game graphics performance, benchmarking, and video capturing. It offers a whole collection of cool features and benefits which we will discuss upon in more detail as the article goes on.

Afterburner was originally developed with MSI cards in memory. However, since its release, the software monopoly has been tweaked to work alongside every other aftermarket GPU. It is now the several commonly used graphics card utility for overclocking & on-screen monitoring.

The following article will present the main features of the business, what they offer, and how to use them. Here we go into that though, let’s initially get the software downloaded and installed.

How To Use Msi Afterburner Overlay
How To Use Msi Afterburner Overlay

How to use MSI Afterburner: from FPS Monitoring to Overclocking 

In this guide, we’ll explain to you how to use MSI Afterburner. If you put a good bit of marketing into buying or building a modern PC, then you require to make sure it lasts you a while. A vital part of that is holding track of the temperatures and administration of your machine.

Similarly, overclocking doesn’t require to be a process that blows your PC up in a blaze of searing frame rates and fried circuitry – it can be perfectly safe with the finished tool, and that tool is MSI Afterburner.

For years, Afterburner has been many gamers’ tool of choice for monitoring frame rates and warmth in games, overclocking, fan controller, and myriad other things. Here we’re going to show you all the key movements you can do with MSI Afterburner.

First, you’ll require to download and install MSI Afterburner. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but one obligation that you need to do is install RivaTuner Statistics Server (RTSS) when the prospect pops up.

RTSS isn’t required for Afterburner to control, but with it, you can create a customizable on-screen display (OSD) containing important live information. It’s super-handy, so don’t jump over it.

Once Afterburner is installed, open it, go to Settings by matching the cog icon and check the ‘Unlock voltage control’ and ‘Unlock voltage monitoring’ cases.

The default MSI Afterburner UI is a bit of ugliness and you can change it under the User Interface tab, but for the purposes of this example, we’ll stick with the default MSI ‘Cyborg’ theme.

How To Use Msi Afterburner To Overclock Gpu
How To Use Msi Afterburner To Overclock Gpu

How to Monitor In-Game PC Performance with MSI Afterburner

After you download and reinstall MSI Afterburner, you’ll see the interface above. You can improve this look, but we won’t be broadcasting that here. In the default interface, there are two dials that show the current status of your graphics cards, including the frequencies of the GPU and thought clocks, the voltage, and the current temperature.

Between the two dials, there are sliders that allow you to tweak all this data (here’s how to overclock your graphics card, if you’re intrigued).

Before we get all those delightful stats up on your screen, just one caveat don’t close the windows of each Afterburner or RTSS, as that also closes the businesses. Instead, decrease them and they’ll disappear from the taskbar. In the system tray, you’ll then see two perceptions a jet (Afterburner) and a workstation monitor with a “60” on it (RivaTuner Statistics Server).

Now, let’s get ready for the big show. Open Afterburner, and then match the Settings cog. In the window that emerges, click “On-Screen Display.” In the “Global On-Screen Display Hotkeys” segment, you can set these to whatever you want or leave the failures.

Next, click the “Monitoring” tab; this is wherever you decide which stats you require to see in-game. First, let’s take a look at the massive list below“Active Hardware Monitoring Graphs.” Including all this info on-screen is unreliable if you actually want to see your game. Luckily, none of these benefits appear on-screen by default.

To enable any of those, simply highlight those you want. Under “GPU Usage Graph Properties” pick the “Show In On-Screen Display” checkbox. We recommend you use the want for each, which displays it as text, sooner than a graph, but play about with it.

How To Use Msi Afterburner To Show Fps
How To Use Msi Afterburner To Show Fps

How to Use MSI Afterburner Overlay?

There is a lot of hype abusing the graphics utility of any computer. Most people do use high-performance GPU to support their games. MSI Afterburner is one such utility that’s amazed everyone the greatest because of the support that this design gives.

Playing high-graphics sports always requires massive assistance from the GPU and this is exactly where utility support comes to be handy. It helps in overcoming the overclocking ad also can reduce the in-game graphics.

Manufactured by MSI, this graphics business is a great option for most people to use and play some unusual games. When afterburner was released, it was only possible for MSI cards for the initial days. However, now most of the other manufacturers have made their GPU to be cooperative with this.

This is why it is one of the most popular software utilities available on the market today. If you are thinking to invest in one, you will surely enjoy the amazing variety it provides. Of course, knowing how the utility works is very important. This in-depth report on how to use MSI afterburner overlay is the specific thing that you must look into.


Q: How do I overclock with MSI Afterburner?
A: Go back to MSI Afterburner and match the Settings icon. You’ll need to restart your PC in another, so compose sure to bookmark this page so that you bottle come back to it. Next, click on the General tab in Afterburner and tick Unlock voltage control, Unlock voltage monitoring, and Crack constant voltage.
Q: Should you use MSI Afterburner?
A: It’s not mandatory. It is essentially used for monitoring. You can uninstall it if you don’t require it. It won’t change your GPU’s performance.
Q: Does MSI Afterburner increase FPS?
A: MSI Afterburner is utilized to overclock your GPU but also has some helpful monitoring tools. Overclocking the graphics card is how MSI Afterburner progresses FPS. Toggle On-Screen Display, make indoctrinated fps is selected in the monitoring division of settings of Afterburner.

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