How to Uninstall McAfee on Windows & Mac? [Completely]

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How to uninstall McAfee? As one of the more common pieces of “free” software installed on prebuilt PCs, McAfee protection products are something that numerous people have encountered, but not everyone wants. Although you could turn to the organization founder for advice, your best bet in discovering how to uninstall McAfee is to follow the steps below.

Although you’re probably here to uninstall the antivirus that oh so wants you to repeat, whether you’re operating McAfee Antivirus, McAfee LiveSafe, McAfee Security Scan Plus, or anything else the business has put out, here’s how to uninstall them.

McAfee is an antivirus plan that often becomes preloaded onto Windows PCs and Laptops, backed by a 30-day free trial thanks to stabilized deals with numerous manufacturers. The hope is that you will decide to pay for the service to protect the PC. However, you don’t have to accept McAfee if you don’t want to.

Note: As much as we appreciate your shortage to get rid of McAfee, it is essential to have antivirus protection on your PC. Windows Defender is good, but practicing one of the best free antivirus employment is an excellent second step in protecting your regularity.

How To Uninstall Mcafee On Mac
How To Uninstall Mcafee On Mac

How to Uninstall McAfee using Settings

Windows 10 overhauled enough of the Windows ecosystem’s traditional relationship management systems, but if anything, it just makes the process more natural. Here’s how to get rid of McAfee outcomes with Windows’ built-in tools.

Step 1: Open the Perspectives menu by either clicking the Start Button in the behind left-hand corner and then the cog icon or searching for Environments using the Windows search box and clicking on the appropriate result.

Step 2: Open the Apps table.

Step 3: Use the search box to rummage for McAfee to find everything explained to McAfee on your system.

Step 4: Select the McAfee merchandise or app you want to uninstall and click the Uninstall switch. When asked, confirm your choice by snapping Uninstall again.

Step 5: Windows will ask you for permission to proceed, as uninstalling an application is an administrative function. Once you authenticate, you’ll go through the McAfee uninstaller. Each version is a little strange, but follow through with the removal instructions, and it will automatically uninstall the McAfee product from your PC. You can also type Add & Remove Programs into the search bar and uninstall them immediately from the Settings menu.

How To Uninstall Mcafee Antivirus
How To Uninstall Mcafee Antivirus

McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool

If the Windows App card doesn’t do the job for you, and there are still some McAfee software ingredients kicking around your system, you can practice the MCPR.

Note: At the end of this tool’s performance, it might request a reboot, so it’s essential to save all your business before starting.

Step 1: Download the newest version of MCPR from McAfee’s website.

Step 2: Run the tool. It does not need an install.

Step 3: Accept the license agreement and enter the CAPTCHA code as requested, clicking next as required.

Step 4: Wait for the uninstall method to work. When completed, if you would like further knowledge about the process, click View Logs.

Step 5: If asked to reboot your practice, make sure to save everything you require and then restart as you usually would.

How to uninstall McAfee on a Mac

With most other apps, all you require to do to uninstall them is find the app in your Applications folder and transport it to your home screen’s trash icon. But McAfee software performs it a little more complicated. It requires more effort to liquidate it, but the following method is relatively manageable and very effective.

Step 1: You’ll need to be employed as an administrator to do this. Open your Applications folder and take the ‘Utilities’ folder. In the ‘Utilities’ folder, open up Terminal.

Step 2: Under Terminal, you must create an explicit command to uninstall McAfee. Per Apple’s examples, the command has to be specific. For McAfee version 4.8 or earlier, type: sudo/Library/McAfee/Sma/scripts/ For personalities using McAfee 5.0 or newer, enter: sudo/Library/McAfee/CMA/scripts/ After performing this command, tap the Enter key.

Step 3: By hitting the Enter key, your Mac machine should have already begun expunging McAfee’s files. Behind the computer finishes extracting the files, reboot your Mac. Your machine should now be good to go.

Sometimes not even a Terminal command is rather to wipe out all of McAfee’s files. You may proceed to see a few pop-ups on your screen even after you uninstall it. If that’s the case, download an uninstaller app like AppCleaner to delete the waiting McAfee files forcibly. Dozens of free and advanced apps can handle this.


Q: Why is McAfee so hard to uninstall?
A: It also demands a lot of time and effort, a lot of writing and re-writing- so many times, the software let go of the option. The third parameter is “complexity,” and because of this very purpose, McAfee is complex software to uninstall. The OS gives plenty of entrance to McAfee, so uninstalling it becomes problematic.
Q: Why is McAfee bad?
A: People hate McAfee antivirus software because its user interface is not user-helpful. Still, as we talk about its virus protection, then It operates well and applicable to remove all new viruses from your PC. It is so dismal that it slows down the PC. That’s why! Their customer setting is appalling.
Q: Why can't I uninstall McAfee Webadvisor?
A: Go to Control Panel/Add or Eliminate Programs (Programs/Uninstall a Program in Vista) and look for McAfee SiteAdvisor, or if you have one of the more extensive suites, click the McAfee Security Center and then “Uninstall,” at which point a menu will appear asking which components you wish to transfer.
Q: Is Windows Defender better than McAfee?
A: The main distinction is that McAfee is paid antivirus software, while Windows Defender is absolutely free. McAfee guarantees a flawless 100% detection rate against malware, while Windows Defender’s malware detection rate is much more profound. Also, McAfee is far more feature-rich matched to Windows Defender.
Q: Is there a McAfee Removal Tool?
A: If you have a problem with replacement, you might have to run the McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool (MCPR).

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